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  1. Lady in Waiting’s Grey Gown (Anonymous, 2011).

    (Source: tudorcostume)

  2.  Infanta’s Grey Dress (Elizabeth: The Golden Age, 2007).

    (Source: Flickr / experiencela)

  3. Princess Mary’s Grey Gown (The Six Wives of Henry VIII, 1970)

    (Source: tudorcostume)

  4. Tudor Grey Gown.

    (Source: facebook.com)

  5. Lady in Waiting’s Grey Gown (The Tudors, 2007).

    (Source: tudorcostume)

  6. Tudor Grey Gown.

    (Source: verymerryseamstress.com)

  7. Anne Boleyn’s Grey Gown (The Tudors, 2007).

    (Source: natalie-dormer.org)

  8. Elizabeth’s Grey Gown. (Elizabeth: The Acclaimed Saga of England’s Virgin Queen, 2000).

    (Source: periodmoviecaps.blogspot.com.br)

  9. Tudor Grey Gown.

    (Source: facebook.com)

  10. Elizabeth’s Gray Gown (Elizabeth, 1998).

    (Source: costumersguide.com)

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