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  1. Gown made by Ren Boggio based on the gown used by Anne of Cleves on the portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger, c. 1539.

    (Source: renboggio.wordpress.com)

  2. Golden and Green Elizabethan loose gown.

    (Source: etsy.com)

  3. Elizabeth I’s Golden Gown (Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, 1988).

  4. Elizabethan Golden Gown

    (Source: flickr.com)

  5. Henry VII’s Yellow Outfit (The Shadow of the Tower,1972).

    (Source: tudorcostume)

  6. Isabella I of Castile’s Golden Gown (1492: Conquest Of Paradise, 1992)

  7. Elizabeth’s Golden Gown (The Day of the Doctor, 2013).

  8. Elizabethan Golden Gown

    (Source: immortalphoenix.deviantart.com)

  9. Tudor Golden Gown

    (Source: facebook.com)

  10. Henry VII’s Golden Outfit (The Shadow of the Tower,1972).

    (Source: tudorcostume)

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