Tumblr feito para reunir fotos de roupas da Era Tudor (1485-1603).


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  1. Elizabeth I Gown (Fire Over England, 1937)

  2. Elizabeth I Golden Gown (Elizabeth I: Killer Queen, 2012).

  3. Elizabeth I Golden Gown (Secrets of the Virgin Queen, 2010)

  4. Elizabeth I Gown (Fire Over England, 1937)

  5. Amy Dudley’s Green Gown (Elizabeth I: Killer Queen, 2012).

  6. German Lady in Waiting’s Gown (The Private Life of Henry VIII, 1933)

  7. Costume based on the portrait of Mary Fitton by unknown  artist, c. 1595.

    (Source: ninyamikhaila.com)

  8. Light Green and Orange Gown (Stronghold Olde English Faire 2012)

    (Source: Flickr / psexypsychic)

  9. Elizabethan Red Gown

    (Source: Flickr / kathy0552)

  10. Anne Boleyn’s White Robe (The Tudors, 2007)

    (Source: tudorcostume)

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